Homework in second grade is more to begin the process of independence with school work and cultivate ogranizational skills and responsibility. Of course it also helps to reinforce skills that are learned and practiced in the classroom, but it should not be anything too challenging or new for the students. All homework assignments will be a reinforcement of skills learned and should take approximately 20 minutes or so. Please allow your children to make mistakes, and maybe even struggle a bit with various aspects of homework - whether it's the actual problem solving or it's the organization of the paper. We learn from these mistakes and these struggles, and your kids are learning foundational academic work skills as they err, struggle, and grow. I ask that you don't correct the math homework so that I can see what our independent strengths and weaknesses are witout being edited. Keeping the homework in the homework folder and returning that folder back to the backpack so it is sure to come back to school is typically the trickiest part of the whole homework business!

Monday-Thursday: 20 minutes of reading a just right book, article or any text of your child's choice

Monday-Thursday: One math homework page is to be completed. Some weeks there will be an online homework assignment that is due (as opposed to paper assignment) but your child will be prepared with log-in procedures, etc. and you will be informed when that is the case.